Why us?

There not one or two reasons but several reasons to choose our service for tailor made cloths.

  • We have more than 30 years of experience in tailoring profession. We are a premium tailoring service since that time.
  • We have served more than thousands of customers each with different design and style and those customers were fully satisfied.
  • After delivering so many different styles and designs, we can now create any type of design. All you need to have a design in your mind and tell us, we will deliver the exact design that you want.
  • We serve both men and women of all the sizes and shapes.
  • We have a very strong base of repeated customers because of our professional service and high quality workmanship.
  • Our team consists of experienced and professional tailors who fulfil the need of our customers.
  • We can create and ship the cloths not only in Thailand but also to the countries around the globe. You can easily place your order on order page with you design and size.
  • We have wide variety of both readymade and tailor made cloths at our store.
  • We also have the finest quality of fabric at our store, which solves your problem of finding the perfect fabric for your dress.

Whenever you look for the best tailor service in Phuket just visit our store Topas Collection.