Topas collection is an experienced professional tailoring service which creates tailor made cloths for both men and women of all shapes and sizes. We are the best tailors in Phuket and we have been operating since 1980. For both men and women the design of cloth and fabrics are different from each other. These are the following services we provide to our customers at Topas collection.

For Men

The most common requirement we get from men is for tailor made suit, but there are other types of cloth that we sew for them:

  1. Tuxedos are a dinner jacket which is primarily worn on evening parties. This formal suit can be distinguished by satin facing on the jackets lapel and a similar stripe along outseam of trousers. They are worn with formal shirts and other formal accessories.
  2. Blazers are a casual form jacket which resembles the formal suit jackets. Blazers are quite durable as they are intended as outdoor wear. Blazers are normally stitched in solid colors.
  3. Shirts are a very common cloth worn by men. They come in both casual and formal variant. The shirts are can go with both formal suits and casual blazers as well and is the most worn cloth by men.
  4. Pants are as common as the shirts. Pants are also available in both casual and formal variant. The pants are lightly more towards the formal category because of the looks it gives with shirts and blazers is not very casual.
  5. Suits are most worn formal wear and it consists of a formal jacket, shirt and pant. Sometimes men often wear vests under their jackets to make it more elegant and stylish.
  6. Vests are the inner jackets; people use to wear inside their jacket. Now the style of these vests has slightly changed and they are can be worn independently over the shirts as well.

For Women­

For women there are so many varieties of clothes that are available for them. We stitch every single style of cloths for women. The tailoring service we have women are

  1. Suits with Pants are becoming more common these for women. As women are focusing towards formal wear the requirement for the suits with pants has also risen.
  2. Suits with Skirts suits with skirts are the general form of formal wear for women. We stitch as per the need of the customer that is the length of the skirt, size etc.
  3. Dresses are the main thing that every women loves to have it tailor made for a perfect fit. We stitch both casual dresses and wedding dresses as well for the bride. We provide special attention to the wedding dresses as they are very special for the bride and provide with the best possible design.
  4. Blouses are in more fashion these days, so we do provide the tailor made blouses for the women.

At our store we prove the finest quality of fabric at a reasonable rate so that you can choose the perfect fabric for your cloths.