Visiting hour of our store?

Our store is open all seven days a week. You can visit us from 10am to 11 pm from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday you can visit us from 2pm to 11pm.

What is the best time to visit our store?

For the first time customers and for fittings, the best time to visit us would be from 11am to 5pm as it is less busy during this time period.

Do I need to fix an appointment?

We would recommend you to have a prior appointment.

What is the procedure to get best fitted clothing?

Tailor made clothes generally takes some time. The first visit consists of selecting fabrics, getting sized up and selecting the style. Before you can make a final pick a min of 2 fittings would be provided to you.

What are your prices?

Suits start from 6,000 Thai Baht. High quality fabric suits cost from 20,000- 30,000 Thai baht. Shirts cost start from 1,500 baht and coats cost starts from 7,000 Thai baht.

Cost of short dresses starts from 4,000 Thai baht and long Dresses from 7,000 Thai baht. Special wedding dresses which need handworks can cost up to 50,000 Thai baht.

In how many days you can make the delivery?

Few items take 3-4 days to create. We can also create some items under 2 days as well. Please contact us before to your arrival for the final pick up.

Are alterations are done at our store?

Yes we do alterations of the cloths. Sometimes we are not able to do alterations of those cloths which lead to complications.

Are you able to imitate clothing?

Yes we can imitate style and size of clothing.

What are the payment options?

We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express Cards. Bank Transfer and PayPal can also be used to make the payment. Some foreign currencies are accepted as well.

What are procedures for payment?

50% amount needs to be deposited at the time of placing an order. The payment of remaining balance will make at the time of pick up.

Can I bring my own fabric?

We generally don’t use our client’s fabric to make the clothing as some complications may arise during the tailoring procedure.

How can I get tailor made cloths without visiting your store?

You can contact us through mail/ phone/ Skype, we will guide through all the details and procedures on how you can get your tailor made cloths without visiting our store.

If you have my measurements, will you be able to ship the garments to me?

Yes absolutely, we can create and mail your product to your country. You can place your order on our mail order page.