Our store offers fabric according to the need of the customer. We can have wide range of fabrics for every type of clothing. We offer the following type of fabrics:


Wool is natural textile fiber that is obtained from sheep, cashmere and mohair are obtained from a goat which is another type of wool. Wool is an ideal fabric for outerwear in the cold climatic conditions because of its insulation properties. The fine quality of wool feels soft to the skin and is very durable. Merino, cashmere, angora are some of the most popular wool.

At our store you will be able to find the finest quality of suits, pants, jackets and overcoat which are made from finest wool quality.


Cotton fibers are collected from the cotton plant. As it is a natural textile fabric, it has a good amount of breathing space. The cotton threads are made from the gathered fiber, which is used to make cotton cloths. Cotton is one of the most used fabrics today because it is comfortable, easy to move in cotton cloths. They are not a good insulator of heat which makes them ideal for the hot weather.

Cotton is very popular for shirts, pants, blouses for both casual and formal wear. At our store you can find a huge range of cotton fabrics.


Silk is another natural fiber which is obtained from an insect called moth caterpillar. Silk is produced by several insects, but the silk produced by the moth caterpillar is used for textile manufacturing. Silk has very soft and smooth texture and has a high absorbent tendency to it which makes it comfortable to wear in hot weather conditions.  Silk is very popular fabric used in making ties, shirts, formal dresses, pajamas, robes, blouses, etc.

At our store you can find different kind of silks like Georgette, Raw Silk, Chiffon, Thai silk, China Silk and Japanese Silk. Customer can opt for any of the silk depending upon the availability of the stock. Custom made cloths are made using these silk as it is very popular among this category of clothing.


Linen is another natural textile fabric which is made from the fibers of flax plant called Linum Usitatissimum. The garments made from linen are highly valued for their freshness and coolness in the war weather because of the high absorbent quality. Linen feels soft and smooth to touch which makes it lint free. The fabric gets softer and softer after every wash. Linen is very strong and durable fabric as it does not stretch and is resistant to damage as well. This fabric is very easy to wash, dry clean and steam.

At our store we offer wide variety of linen clothing, both readymade and cloth is available for tailor made as well. The fabric is used for making shirts and blouses.

At our store you can choose from the above listed fabric for your dress or choose from the cloths made from these fabrics.