About us

Topas collection was established in 1980 in KATA phuket with an aim to provide the best in class tailor service to the people of Phuket. After years of working experience in the field of garments and tailoring, topas collection has become one of the tailor services in all Thailand. In our store you can choose from the high quality of fabrics in wide range of colors. We update the stock of our fabrics and design according to the latest fashion.

It’s very easy for you to avail our services. Enter our store and one our representative will help you and discuss about your requirements. After that you can choose from the wide range of high quality of fabric for your clothing. When you have chosen the fabric then we will take your size for the cloths. You have to deposit a small amount and fix an appointment for the fitting the cloths. Once you are fully satisfied with the work, the cloths will be ready for final pick up or can be delivered to you.

At Topas collection we try to provide the best solutions to their problems so that the customers are satisfied and happy with our services. Through our dedication and hard work in providing the best tailor made cloths to the customers, we have developed a very strong base of repeated customers.

Topas collection not only serves to the people of Thailand but people around world has avail our services. We create the tailor made cloth for people residing in different countries and can also ship the cloths to them. You have to send us your size and design and will create the cloth for you. If it doesn’t fit you then you can send the cloths back and we will make it fit for you.

When you look for Best tailor in Phuket just visit Topas Collection.