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Too a lot anxiety is by no means great for anybody as it can cause headaches, heart problems, hypertension, depression, anxiousness, and many much more negative reactions. Statistics show that near 43% of all adults suffer several stress-related wellness issues. And do you know which cohort is probably the most suffering today? College students, certainly, in particular in Decembers and Aprils/Mays. Guess why? Because they’re the months when college terms are pretty much above and all exams start.


Exams are stressful enough, no doubt. However, there are many other things that college students have troubles with. Probably the most common problems in students’ academic life is the lack of time and an abundance of creating assignments.

Students Also Need to Have Personal Life

Did you already know that around 70% of college students have to combine work and study, and both professors and employers have strict requirements? What should a student having a full-time job do when he or she has to write a research paper, an essay, and a case study, all of which are due the following week? And people still wonder why so numerous men and women are stressed out!
So, to make things clear, we decided to share with you a story about Linda who is a fourth-year student at the Department of Social Sciences. Linda knows that in order for her to find a better job after graduation she has to work in a field connected to her specialization as properly as volunteer somewhere to look extra experienced on a resume. Besides, she is a full-time student. General, Linda has no free time to dedicate to her hobbies. Linda still needs to take some courses outside her specialization, and to meet this requirement she chose a class in the English literature in the 18th century.

December has come, and Linda realized that she had four assignments to submit at the end in the semester in addition to four final exams. Three out of four papers are in her discipline so she wants to work on them herself. Yet, 1 essay is in the English literature. Linda can’t afford to fail the class given that this will affect her GPA. Neither can she afford to focus on this essay due to the fact this will take too significantly time and affect the quality of your other important papers.
Linda is perfectly aware on the results of submitting a plagiarized essay downloaded from the web. What do you think she does? She is searching for essay sites on the internet.

Which Essay Writing Providers?

When Linda realized that the only way for her to submit a well-written essay and not to do it herself was to contact a writing agency and pay for a customized essay. However, there are hundreds of companies to be found on this website that provide these providers and it is extremely easy to order a paper from scammers.
We would like to help all Lindas from every corner from the world and provide you with a review of many trustworthy companies. We really hope this review will be useful and you will make the proper choice when you decide to get an academic support.

  • General Overview is a UK-based company which has been in the essay writing industry for pretty much two decades. Considering the fact that 1997, they have been providing college students with an outstanding academic creating and keep attracting customers due their writers’ extensive experience.
Just like other sites on this list, this company handles assignments in any subject and at any level of complexity. In excess of the past 19 years, they have managed to build a strong network and got connections with excellent professionals from all possible industries. Even if you think no a single can help you with your task, contact SuperiorPapers and their wonderful team of client support will assign your essay to 1 of their experts.
Their most popular offers include:

  • Essays
  • Term and Research Papers
  • Coursework
  • Articles
  • Thesis and Dissertations
  • Application Papers
  • Editing

Basically, they’re probably the most popular customers’ orders. They can also help those who get started to look for a job and aren’t sure about their resumes. If you would want to get a specialist help, you are additional than welcome to ask SuperiorPapers writers to create a brilliant resume and a good cover letter for you.

  • Pricing

When it comes to buying an essay on the web, the first question that arises is how expensive writing websites are. All of them are incredibly different. Some are considered much more exclusive and are, therefore, much far more expensive. Others offer better prices and are a lot additional affordable.
SuperiorPapers doesn’t offer the lowest prices but they explain this by promising that their quality is the best over the net. This company has different prices for different qualities. Let’s review them together:

  • Standard Quality: Is designed for college students who are looking for help in creating a large school or university assignment that doesn’t require any specific knowledge or extensive research. A Standard Quality page will cost you 19.99 USD (10 days urgency), 22.99 (4 days), and 38.99 (24 hours).
  • Premium Quality: Is designed for undergraduate and graduate college students who order essays that require complex research and analysis. These papers will be written by writers with MA and Ph.D. degrees and will have an exceptional style and language. The price for a Premium Quality page starts at 21.99 USD (10 days) and goes up to 24.99 (4 days) and 40.99 (24 hours).
  • Platinum Quality: Is recommended for undergraduate and graduate college students whose projects required thorough research and exceptional knowledge in the field. A Platinum Quality essay will be written by one of several major writers and edited by a Quality Assurance specialist. A Platinum Quality page will cost you 24.99 USD (10 days), 28.99 (4 days), and 45.99 (24 hours).

What is cool about SuperiorPapers is that you can get a $20 discount around the first order. This way you could save some money and check whether the quality from the final product meets your expectations.

  • General Overview

Here comes a US-based service. EssayClick position themselves as an all-in-one solution for students from all above the world who are searching for help from good English native speaking writers. Their primary goal is to assist clients with their academic assignment giving them an opportunity to handle personal challenges. They realize how hard it is for contemporary college students to be active in the community and successful at school. For this motive, they created a company which would well-written, original, quality papers and essays before deadlines. Let’s now review how they write essays:

  • Write a catching introduction and a reasonable conclusion of an essay;
  • Follow clients’ instructions to deliver a perfectly done, unique piece of creating;
  • Do thorough research to create a compelling content of a body of an essay;
  • Present strong arguments to support a work’s thesis;
  • Choose an interesting and attractive topic;
  • Provide reliable academic sources.

Undoubtedly, this company doesn’t only focus on essay writing. We aimed at demonstrating what you can expect from their companies as a customer. They can also write thesis and dissertations, case studies, book reports, annotated bibliographies, and lots of other popular assignments.
From the a lot of reviews and our personal experience, we have come to a conclusion that this is among the most popular websites nowadays and that their custom essay quality is impeccable. Even though some clients mentioned that sometimes they were not completely satisfied with their papers, the company easily agreed to revise and improve everything without charging an additional fee. This is quite understandable: no matter how fantastic a writer is, he or she doesn’t know everything a client needs. This is why it is crucial to give writers all details about your assignment – it will help you avoid post-production revisions.

  • Pricing

There is no such a thing as a Quality division of prices. With EssayClick, customers pay for your level of their studies. The cheapest essays will be the ones made for high college students and probably the most expensive ones will be created for Ph.D. students. Let’s take a look at how considerably a college student will be charged for one particular page of a piece of writing (all prices are in USD):

  • If a student orders a paper 10 days in advance, the price will be $14.00 per page;
  • If the deadline is in 8 days, the price becomes $15.00 per page;
  • Five days before the deadline make the price $17.50 per page;
  • In case you have to submit your work in 3days, you will be asked to pay $19.00 per page;
  • An urgent order, which is 1 day, will be $26.00 per page.

Although these prices are drastically lower than the prices at, we would recommend college students to place an order in advance. This will help them save some money and avoid missing a deadline (which doesn’t usually happen, but you don’t want to risk it anyway).

  • General Overview

Here is another US-based service which is producing wonderful academic papers. Looks like their purpose it to impress customers and become an irreplaceable, the one particular and only creating company in their lives. They know how important it is for students to know they have a chance to entrust assignments to hands of experienced academic writers that can help them get excellent grades. This agency cooperates with much more than 300 experts from dozens of industries and doesn’t plan to stop expanding their wonderful creating team.
It is also worth mentioning that this firm hires not only talented writers but also expert editors, proofreaders, and even researchers! So, in case you plan to order thesis or dissertation from Pro-Essay-Writer, your task will be assigned to both a writer and a researcher. Their researchers have access to multiple big libraries and can provide your writer will all up-to-date scientific materials. This is just priceless. And, naturally, editors and proofreaders are crucial for the reason that they are the ones that polish final products and make them shine so bright. Not a single superior writer can work without a great editor – this symbiosis is necessary for a quality academic project. Undoubtedly, if you don’t need creating assistance but you would like to have your paper proofread or edited, contact this agency immediately and they will be happy to give you advice and improve your work.

  • Pricing

This company is at the same price level as our previous favorite. Their prices are really affordable because of the huge number of customers they get every day. We absolutely love the reality that college students don’t need to spend a fortune on an essay even though we realize that their specialist staff has to be really well-paid. Let’s review their pricing policy together now (prices are in USD):

  • High School Level: 10 days – $11.50; 8 days – $12.50; 5 days – $15.00; 3 days – $16.50; 24 hours – $20.50.

As you can see, these prices are pretty reasonable. The best choice would be to order a paper a week in advance to have a chance to make some changes, if necessary.

  • College Level: 10 days – $14.00; 8 days – $15.00; 5 days – $17.50; 3 days – $19.00; 24 hours – $23.00.

If you compare these prices with prices, you will notice that they are basically the same. Both companies tend to keep their pricing policy stable and affordable to give more college students a chance of receiving skilled help.

  • University Level: 10 days – $16.50; 8 days – $17.50; 5 days – $20.00; 3 days – $21.50; 24 hours – $26.00.

Usually, these are the most common levels simply because Master’s and Ph.D. works require special knowledge with the subject and thorough research which makes prices higher. The price per page at the Master’s level can go up to $30 and at the Ph.D. level – up to $40, depending to the student’s requirements.

  • General Overview

This is another veteran amongst custom creating companies that has been on the market for virtually two decades. You will get hooked the moment you visit their website as a result of its nice and elegant design. knows how to attract new clients.
First of all, they can accept even those assignments that are due in three hours. How cool is that? Although leaving an assignment till the quite last moment is extremely irresponsible, there are a great deal of different situations in students’ lives, so having this opportunity is an asset. Second, all customers who order a project for your first time will get a incredibly pleasant 15% discount. That’s a superb hook. Just like our first company on this list, SuperiorPapers, team wants their client to just try their solutions for your first time – and they will be caught since of how impressive their paper quality is.
This company is a true giant: in a single day they manage to up to 375 orders with the help of above 600 expert writers. We believe this is the best indicator of how successful they can be – always busy, always helping college students.

  • Pricing

The pricing system of this organization is similar for the one of our first company. They also offer Standard, Premium, and Platinum Quality. Let’s review their pricing policy:

  • Standard Quality: The price per page for a Standard Quality writing that is order 10 days in advance will cost you 21.99 USD. Standard Quality orders are not the company’s leading priority which doesn’t mean they will be poorly written – they will get fewer benefits.
  • Premium Quality: A page at this level of quality will cost you $23.99. According to your firm’s website, this is by far the most popular choice mainly because Premium Quality orders are written by one of the leading 10 specialists in a chosen area.
  • Platinum Quality: You will have to pay $26.99 per page, but your essay will be written by one of the best writers who holds a Ph.D. degree and edited by one of many Quality Assurance experts.

That’s right, this is probably the most expensive agency from our list of organizations. Yet, with them you can be 100% sure that you will be the centre of attention. Besides, they try to make their clients’ experience a little better by offering generous discounts. Customers who make order 15-50 pages long will get a 5% discount; 51-100 pages will bring you a 10% discount; if you order far more than 100 pages, you discount will be 15%. This sounds like a good deal, particularly when you are ready to pay extra than $20 per page (and how several pages should your essay contain?).

  • General Overview

This site has been developed by a team of students who saw how their friends were struggling with their various assignments and had to sacrifice their personal lives to succeed in college. They decided to be progressive and make the writing process simpler and extra pleasant. Here, you will have a chance to easily communicate with your qualified writer and make changes during the writing process instead of waiting for a final product and requesting a revision. This company is ready to assist you in completing a huge variety of tasks: all kinds of papers, review articles and book reports, lab reports and case studies, abstracts and proposals, thesis and dissertations, all types of creative creating assignments, etc. Their services are really terrific, this is why EssayDragon is a single of our favorite companies.

  • Pricing

This firm offers their providers at an average price (prices are in USD):

  • A higher school project, if ordered in advance, will cost you no far more than $11.50 per page;
  • A school assignment will cost college students $14.00;
  • A university paper will cost $16.50 if ordered in advance;
  • A Master’s thesis will be $19.00 per page;
  • A Ph.D. dissertation is by far the most expensive and will be $23.00 per page.

  • General Overview

And the last, but not least, organization on our list is WriteMyPaper4Me which position themselves as a highly motivated company that delivers works of an outstanding quality. They hire well-educated writers who have advanced knowledge in different areas and ask them take a number of complex tests to evaluate the level of their skills. So, you can be sure that these writers won’t let you down due to the fact they may be extremely well trained.
Another thing that we love about this agency is that they help you save up to $60 when you place an order as a result of a number of free features they offer. Once you become their client, you will receive:

  • Free title and content pages;
  • Free outline;
  • Free speed delivery;
  • Free amendments;
  • Free multiple revisions;
  • Free references;
  • Free thesis and dissertations draft;
  • Free editing and proofreading

We believe that all agencies should include editing and proofreading into packages, and WriteMyPaper4Me shares our opinion.

  • Pricing

WriteMyPaper4Me is a rather inexpensive company. Prices for a page of a school piece commence at around $14.00 and go up to $23.00 depending on the urgency of delivery. If you are an undergraduate student, the fee will be starting from around $16.00 and rise all the way to $26.00 if the deadline is the following day. WriteMyPaper4Me made things easy. All you should do is to go to their website and find an automatic calculator ideal to the home page. It will be fast and easy to calculate how considerably you will be charged for a task at your level and decide whether you want to receive support from this firm or not. We think you will definitely want it.
Alright, we shared all that we knew about these 6 absolutely good agencies. Now it is your turn to make a decision and choose the best a single.